Welcome to Cumballa Hill High School

1. Message by Mrs. Chubb.resized  Thoughts from Mrs. Chubb Managing partner with Cumballa Hill High  School over 50 years.

A school which is truly reflective believes in itself. Headmistress and staff must  develop their ability as a group and as a system. Let us grow from within the  School-  The teachers at our school are passionate about their work, they observe,  they  understand. They create an atmosphere in class for every individual child to  be  Thinkers and Innovators. Make the teaching- learning process enjoyable so  that a  class learns to reflect, research and explore, then only can we satisfy the  need of the  hour.

Let us therefore remember that educationist leave indelible memories on students who go on in life, aspire to great heights and success. Ambitions change every day and so the educator has to be a friend, philosopher and guide to his/her students. Inspire all our boys and girls to achieve their best.

Inter – School Competitions

It is important to expose students to other school contests, to mingle socially and with educational insights in different environments. Many of our boys and girls take pride pleasure to participate, make friends and expand their horizons

Name of the Student Place Competition
Aaliya kader First English Elocution
Jalak Padia Second Calligraphy
Omkar Gaikwad Second Instrument Playing
Tanish Shivdasani Third English Extempore
Nayan Darji Merit Memory Drawing
Henil Shah Third Floral Arrangement
Neeta Kerkar Third
Tanvi Chheda Third Chess(U-17)
Sanya Shah First Chess(U-14)



Medal Winner

I started swimming in April last year. This year I won 6 medal, 2 in YMCA, 2 in Kamgar Kalyan Mandal, 2 in LalaLajpatrai rotrate club.

For Kamgar Kalyan Mandal in August 2018 I won 2 medals for freestyle 50m silver and breast stroke 50m Bronze.

Lala Lajpatrai rotrate club – I won 2 medal for freestyle and backstroke 50m in both I won bronze. It was held on my birthday 27th Spetember. I hope I shall be a swimmer like Mike Phillips.

-Siddharth Das
Std V

Academic year begins

School Re-opens on June 12th 2018, the next Academic year begins. What a successful opening with brilliant Board Results. 48 Students sat for Exam 39 scored distinctions with 11 well over 90% & the rest is high 80%, then 9 students in high first class tottal 48. Congratulations to our boys & girls & the staffs for the wonderful work put in throughout the year. First student is Jainam Shah scoring 94%. School awards will follow when the marksheet arrives.

We have settled with book & time tables. There have been some staff changes organised before March year ending Miss Oswal married and changed residence & her place for Senior Maths/Science is taken by Dipika Shah B.Sc. B.Ed. A qualified experienced teacher of 8 years. Mrs. Sarkari left to start her personal classes so French is now with Sandhya Kamat B.A. B.Ed qualified & experienced from a High School. We also have a special teacher for IX & X History in Clock Hours. And so we look forward to another year of students giving for higher studies attaining professional levels.

With monsoon PT will concentrate on Yoga, Chess, Carrom & indoor games. We would like to emphasize that parents & parental care so important please spent value-oriented time with your children. Do not allow many hours of electronic gadgets make them read books & discuss with you. Get to know their friends especially the language they use.



Students have been taking part in the Mumbai School Sports Association at Wadala. Rudra Chaphekar of Std V came First in Spring Board & Parallel Bars receiving 2 Gold Medals & for Floor Gymnastic he came Second with Silver. The School Congratulates him.

Welcome back Dear Students & Captains

School reopened as students with stationary and time table settle down to a new year of work & activities. STD IX text books arrived rather late but staff had already started the syllabus so no time was lost. And then came the excellent results of March 17 Boards Exams. We would like to give you a dedicated list as so many got distinctions & scored high in Subjects.


FIRST                   :       JAINAM SHAH               94 %

ENGLISH                 :       DHRUV KANABAR             86/100

HINDI                   :       REVA TYAGI                91/100

MARATHI                 :       JAINAM SHAH               88/100
FRENCH                  :       JAINAM SHAH               49/50
SCORES                  :       SHRENY SHAH               49/50
                        :       PREETAM MEHTA             49/50
                        :       VIDHI DESAI               49/50
                        :       PAKSHAL PATWA             49/50
MATHEMATICS             :       JAINAM SHAH               98/100
SCORES                  :       DHRUV KANABAR             98/100
                        :       PREETAM MEHTA             98/100
                        :       SHUBHAM SHAH              98/100
                        :       PRATHAM JAIN              98/100
                        :       KERMAN DARBARI            98/100

SCIENCE AND             :       ADNAN MOTIWALA             98/100

SOCIAL  SCIENCE         :       NIHAAL SANDIM             97/100

Activities of Yoga, Computers, Assembly and Canteen have started. Two major events will be Day Camp & a Grand French Day August 8th. The school will display a Fashion Parade, Song, Dance and Power point.

Mrs. Chubb, Mrs. Tyagi & Miss Khatri Scheduling 1st Term activities.

Mrs. Chubb, Mrs. Tyagi & Miss Khatri
Scheduling 1st Term activities.

Annual day 31st March 2017 at Sophia Bhabha Hall

Month of March was tough between Board exams , elections & dance Practlces of Annual Day. But amidst the cheer and joy of music and skill we had a fun-filled time.

Sophia Bhabha Hall 31st March was Annual Day. Chief Guest was Mrs. S. Balakrishnan. After Prize Distribution the Captains came on stage proudly with House Flags. Most of the Captains have considered Cumballa Hill High School their home as they have spent 13 years at the School from Nursery to X. Slate of new Captains was announced by HM Mrs. Kothare. The Full House applauded and cheered as names were called out. What a nostalgic moment for Staff and Students. The Magazine Fortuna was released by Chief Guest with more glossy photos and articles as never before. The short interval saw audience eagerly seated for the show to begin. Slides herald the items to follow as singing, dancing brought in the dazzling performance of “Limitless 2017”. Even the young ones from 1 to IV with their props very gorgeous costumes thrilled the audience. The Star Dance Academy was an important feature of the evening. With their amazing  and wonderful  Dances of girls and boys . You would not be able to say who did the best!. They were all so perfect in their scintillating lights and musical rhythm.


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What a fitting end to another glorious year as we enter 78th Anniversary of this prestigious Institution.

A Happy May Vacation to Staff, Parents & Students . See you for another year at Cumballa Hill High School in June.