Welcome to Cumballa Hill High School

1. Message by Mrs. Chubb.resized Thoughts from Mrs. Chubb Managing partner with Cumballa Hill High  School over 50 years.

A school which is truly reflective believes in itself. Headmistress and staff must  develop their ability as a group and as a system. Let us grow from within the  School-  The teachers at our school are passionate about their work, they observe,  they  understand. They create an atmosphere in class for every individual child to  be  Thinkers and Innovators. Make the teaching- learning process enjoyable so  that a  class learns to reflect, research and explore, then only can we satisfy the  need of the  hour.

Let us therefore remember that educationist leave indelible memories on students who go on in life, aspire to great heights and success. Ambitions change every day and so the educator has to be a friend, philosopher and guide to his/her students. Inspire all our boys and girls to achieve their best.



Lets begin

Congratulations to our STD X 2019. The Record of 100% continues, with 35 Distinctions, 8 First Class and 3 Second Class 7 children have scored over 90%. First is our Head Boy Kavish Vakharia 96.20%, 2ndPrem Jain 94.60% &  Vanshika Variaya  93.80%. Results are excellent and we applaud our Boys and Girls for their effort and our Staff Members for their tireless hard work. There were so many practice sheets throughout the year. In spite of no internal marks and change of format our students were confident and well-prepared.

A warm welcome to Std V entering Senior School. Their Class boasts of a 2 ton Mitsubishi Ac for the hot days and a special Teacher for Art/Craft Mrs. Kaizeen Katrak, & a new Staff Member Ms. Geeta More is the Marathi/Hindi Teacher for V – VII.




IMG20180928135426I started swimming in April last year. This year I won 6 medals 2 in YMCA, 2 in Kamgar Kalyan Mandal, 2 in LalaLajpatrai rotrate club.
For Kamgar Kalyan Mandal in August 2018 I won 2 medals for freestyle 50m silver and breast stroke 50m Bronze.
Lala Lajpatrai rotrate club- I won 2 medal for freestyle and backstroke 50m in both I won bronze. It was held on my birthday 27th September I hope I shall be a swimmer like Mike Phillips.

-Siddharth Das
Std V





An incredible nightmare & horrendous disaster has struck kerala. Our Indian brethren are in dire need for any help we are able to give. Our School held a meeting with Captains and decided to donate through Red Cross any collection that staff, Students and Parents can generously give to fill our cartons of basic necessities.

We have decided to send :

TOILETRIES- Anything and any amount you can spare and send will be much appreciated.

Soaps, Napkins, Towels, talcum Powder, Baby Food powder, tooth paste, cans of disinfectants etc.

Please see that nothing spills or is badly packed. Kindly place all items carefully in paper boxes or cloth bags, jute bags etc.

Let the School show its love for all mankind especially to those in abysmal distress. God’s Blessings to you.

These cartons properly labeled will go through red Cross Trains and vans to reach those who desperately need to survive this calamity. A ray of hope that there are people who care in this land and strive to bring dignity to life. Thank You.