The annual inter-house carrom tournament took place on the same scale as usual fun filled year. Students take part in large numbers. We saw sheer sportsmanship and hard work in every match and contest.

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Though this game doesn’t need lot of planning and plotting there are various techniques for getting that perfect shot. The tournament had nerve-wrecking matches where there were skillful players. Everyone deserved to win but the ones who participated and did not win rejoiced at the success of others.

-Vivek Prabhu
Sports Captain
Std X



There was excitement and enthusiasm in the air on the day of the chess tournament. There was a determination to win in the eyes of the contestants. When the tournament started, one could see sheer talent and sportsmanship in the contestants, match after match.


They showed a never-die attitude. There were nail- biting matches where no one could not judge the result until the last move. Age was just a number when the young contestants showed their moves. Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by rules and take responsibility, for your actions, how to solve problem even in uncertain environments and that’s exactly what we noticed from every player.

“Chess makes man wiser and clear sighted”. – Vladimir Putin