There is never a dull moment!!! All activities are part of a School programme, starting from formative years to Board level. Keep up with the times! It is not only important to cover the syllabus, we have to be involved in innovative activities which make the student interested and keen with a continuous awakening of Universal values.

In “activities” we must have a philosophy that students work together as a team and get engaged in all communities and countries. Art for example should have little dependence on Text books. Encourage with different concept, stories and leave the student to depict his/her own imagination with competitions decorations and illustrations on Notice Board.



Visit to Seva Sadan

Students of standards 5th, 6th and 7th collected packets of biscuits, chocolates and wafers to be distributed to the children of Snehasadan.

Mr. Padia and his wife, Parents of Taral (Std VIII) and Miral (Std V) kindly offered to go to Sneha Sadan in their car with the children.

The children of Snehasadan were very happy to recieve the gifts. The warden wrote back to our School “Thank you very much for your kind help and giving the snacks”.

Taral, Miral and Jalak
Representing Std 5,6 & 7



Flag Hosting by Mrs. Kothare

Inter-House Computer Quiz Competition 2018-19

The Inter-House Computer Quiz Competition 2018-19 was conducted on 10th December, 2018. “Computer education at Cumballa Hill is a hands-on, stimulating learning experience for its students”. This is the objective of the Inter-House Computer Quiz Competition that is conducted for the students by ASCII Pvt. Ltd. and hosted by the ASCII Lecturers. Through this event, we seek to foster not just a deep curiosity in Information Technology developments, but also build life skills including good communication, teamwork as well the spirit of sportsmanship.

The Chief Guests for the event were Mrs. Trupti Patwa, Mrs. Himanshi Sanghavi, and Mrs. Maria Motiwala – PTA members of the school. Every team had worked hard on preparing for the Quiz.

The prize giving ceremony was presided by our Chief Guests.

Std. Rank House Names of the Students
5 Winners Milton Dhanishtha Kamble
6 Arvind Rathod
7 Rutvij Kudtarka

The winners were presented Trophy and certificates.



The School celebrated Hindi Diwas with a lot of fun and vigour. Students of all 4 houses- Tagore, Keller, Milton & Forbes under the guidance of their Hindi Teacher Mrs. A. Tiwari as well as all other house teachers presented wonderful plays full of humour with a social messages.

Tagore House Presenting "Aaam Aadmi Aur Bhrashtachaa"

Tagore House Presenting “Aaam Aadmi Aur Bhrashtachaa”

Our own expert judges Mrs. J. Kothare & Mrs. S. Kamat declared the play ‘Aaam Aadmi Aur Bhrashtachaa’ by Tagore house as  the winne & Second place’s prize went toForbes house play ‘Sabse bura hai Kaun’. Thus once more on the stage of Cumballa Hill High School we showed a combination of talent-drama & speech. It was a special day for us.

Mrs. A. Tiwari


Hon Shri. Radhakrishnan is remembered and served on Sept 5th with Teacher’s Day a special day for the appreciation of teachers to honour & respect their profession. And this year, on 5th September 2018, Cumballa Hill High School Celebrated teachers’ day with lot of fun and activities in deference of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan. The students of the school dedicated their efforts and the teachers enjoyed some interesting games, such as toran making, playing quizz, drawing & telling, acting etc. it was great fun to see teachers taking part and students- they are so sporting.

20180905_114322 IMG20180905155519

The students also provided some snacks & small tokens to the teachers. The teachers felt overwhelmed by the thoughtful gestures of the students and thanked all boys and girls for their celebration in memory of a great figure of this nation.

Head Girl
Std X


French Day Was Celebrated on 31st August with great enthusiasm and cheer.

The entire school was decorated beautifully in the colors of the French flag i.e. blue, white and red. Beautiful handmade hangings were put up at various strategic spots, showing different French monuments.

The first program on the agenda was a cooking competition in which the students of the 10th standard showed off their culinary skills with a wide range of delicious, homemade French foods like crȇpes, baguette subways, mousse, quiche and canapȇs.

This was followed by a play in English based on the French revolution, explaining the reasons behind 14th July being celebrated as the National Day in France.

There was also the singing of the national anthem of France in which all the students participated.

IMG20180831104948    IMG20180831110316


The students of Std 8 and 9 presented 2 dances. The celebrations ended with an instrumental rendering of the French national anthem by two students of std 9 on the keyboards and the flute.

A special mention needs to be made of the decoration team which in addition to the overall decoration also came up with beautiful backdrops for the play, representing the Palace of Versailles and the Fort of Bastille.

We take great pride in celebrating special days besides Independence & Republic days Now look forward to Hindi Diwas& Marathi

                                                                            -Mrs. Sandhya Kamat


Independence Day has special meaning for all Indian Citizens. It is considered a momentous day in history. 15th of August 1947, when India got its freedom from the years of British Rule. On this auspicious day, our school too had arranged a meaningful programme in which many students took part enthusiastically. The programme begins with the hoisting of  the Tri colour Flag by our respectable principal Mrs. Jyoti Kothare followed by the National Anthem.

IMG20180814113913 IMG20180814122629

It was a moment of pride for all staff & students standing there. The entire celebration included many speeches, poems, dramas and dances dedicated to the brave freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country. A pupil of standard nine gave an outstanding speech on one of the young freedom  fighter-Bhagat Singh. It was very inspiring and motivated. This was followed by a short speech by our principal who expressed the relevance of the Independence day. Tri coloured sweets and snacks followed.



On the 10th August 2018, standards V, VI, VII embarked on an adventure to Smaash, the entertainment arena at Lower Parel. The children were bubbling with excitement, which multiplied manifold after reaching the venue. During the day, the children participated in fun activities and sports. The arcade games were extremely popular. The young ones had an opportunity to be Tendulkar and Ronaldo for the day, playing cricket and trying their skills at penalty shootouts.

IMG-20180813-WA0031 IMG-20180813-WA0041 (1)

They also got their adrenaline pumping with the other available activities,

including bowling and trampoline jumping and participated in an thrilling 3D movie experience at the in house theatre. Another highlight of the day was the excellent lunch- the children dug into the pav bhaji, fried rice and noodles topping them off with some delicious ice-cream. The day ended with a smile on everyone’s faces and happy moments that these outings are recalled for years to come.

-Ms. Shiba Khatri


canteen std 5

Milton House Canteen Day